Strategic Advisory

Providing objective insight for strategic initiatives.

Gaining the vision and clarity necessary to develop, prioritize, and implement strategic changes requires an objective perspective that can sometimes be challenging to achieve from inside an organization. Yet, the long-term future of any organization is dependent upon its ability to translate an initial vision into tangible initiatives with meaningful, measurable, and successful results.

A third-party perspective often serves as a catalyst in setting strategic vision and prioritizing the execution of strategic plans. Having worked in thousands of engagements, Phoenix experts provide expert, third-party advice to clients in a wide variety of circumstances—from transitional situations to the high-paced growth that many young companies encounter.

In evaluating the many strategic directions and hurdles companies often face, Phoenix’s seasoned professionals bring immediate value and expertise in the three fundamental core functions of any business: Strategic Marketing and Sales, Business Operations, and Finance and Capital Structure.

Understanding the corporate and cultural environment of each client is a significant part of the Strategic Advisory process. Regardless of the organization’s size or ownership structure, Phoenix brings the practical, hands-on experience needed to understand the unique cultural nuances and ownership goals of each client—a critical factor in developing and executing against any strategic vision.

Each strategic advisory engagement begins with an in-depth study of the core functions of a business. This study allows the Phoenix team to complete analytical, functional, and market analyses in a way that incorporates the input of the management team while also benefiting from Phoenix’s objective third-party perspective—all while recognizing the unique structural, cultural, market, and operational dynamics of the company.

Recognizing that each turnaround situation is unique, we offer expert-driven solutions focused on the following areas:

  • Potential acquisitions and integrations
  • Consolidation of operating facilities
  • Product launches
  • Contraction or consolidation initiatives
  • Systems initiatives and integration
  • Geographic expansion
  • Vertical or horizontal market expansion strategies

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