Turnaround Management

Operationally-focused turnaround solutions for companies in transition.

Navigating the many challenges confronting a company in transition requires an operationally-focused approach that looks beyond the balance sheet and works quickly to build a path to sustainable value.

Drawing upon more than 35 years of experience in the turnaround space, we help companies in transition identify practical strategies that improve profitability and liquidity, while developing and executing a comprehensive turnaround plan that is capable of delivering long-term, sustainable value.

Our team of turnaround experts act as seamless extensions to each client’s management team, providing hands-on guidance, informed by extensive industry and turnaround experience, to empower each business to more effectively manage its resources and affect the fundamental changes needed to improve performance.

The luxury of time is rarely on the side of our clients. Our experience and credibility enable us to rapidly derive financial flexibility and additional planning time from our clients’ constituents. Working in conjunction with management, we move quickly to conduct the critical operational and financial assessment that forms the basis of a comprehensive turnaround plan.

Phoenix also works to build confidence and trust among client shareholders by promoting transparency, credibility, and open communication. We have a strong track record of developing credible financial and operational plans and achieving (and often surpassing) the initial goals and expectations of our engagements. Our leadership during the difficult turnaround process evokes shareholder confidence that the stated goals can be accomplished and long-term value can be maintained and enhanced.

Recognizing that each turnaround situation is unique, we offer expert-driven solutions focused on the following areas:

  • Short and long-term strategic planning
  • Evaluation and analysis of alternatives
  • Reducing sales, general, and administrative costs
  • Reducing manufacturing costs
  • Negotiating more favorable sourcing arrangements
  • Negotiating more favorable credit agreements
  • Expanding sales and identifying other revenue channels and activities
  • Identifying alternative distribution channels
  • Reducing manufacturing bottlenecks
  • Improving inventory turns
  • Improving logistics

Accelerating Recovery through Crisis Management

Our crisis management services serve as an alternative to legal bankruptcy by quickly restoring order to a chaotic situation, and preserving and enhancing company value. Our experienced crisis managers will work swiftly and decisively, assisting clients with creditor or lender negotiations and other strategic initiatives that are critical to sustaining the organization.

Delivering Immediate Value as Chief Restructuring Officer

To address the complexities of today’s investing and lending structures, Phoenix has the ability to rapidly provide on-site guidance and support to its clients by appointing a CRO. The CRO is integral to facilitating internal decision making and external communication, while bringing stability to relationships with creditors and other constituencies in the midst of a challenging situation.

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