Business Plan Validation

Developing business plans for future success.

Third parties rely on Phoenix to validate and/or create business plans, particularly when the company in question is undergoing dramatic change.  Phoenix has the proven ability to evaluate all of the strategic, operational, financial, and managerial elements that are crucial to a company’s success, and either endorse an existing business plan or identify risks, opportunities and potential modifications.

Phoenix professionals have over 35 years of substantial experience crafting and implementing business plans and financial forecasts for businesses in underperforming or transitional situations. Plus, our hands-on, operational perspective makes us uniquely qualified to assess business plans prepared by third parties.

By analyzing the key drivers of each business, we are able to identify risks that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, perform sensitivity analyses, and estimate the financial impact for each potential initiative under consideration. Once the risk, “softness,” or opportunity is targeted in a business, clients can understand and factor our professional findings into their valuation or evaluation. 

As part of our Business Plan Validation services, we typically assess management and develop a view regarding their ability to implement the plan. We identify risk and opportunities and provide a roadmap for interested parties to monitor and scorecard critical business drivers as they move forward with their involvement with the company.

Our Business Plan Validation services focus on the following areas:

  • Identifying risk, “softness,” or opportunity in business plans prepared by third parties
  • Perform sensitivity analyses
  • Predict financial impact of each potential initiative
  • Assess management’s ability to implement the plan
  • Provide a roadmap for all parties involved to follow and understand key drivers of the business

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