Organizational Structure

Leading successful operations through strategy, mentoring, and culture.

Critical to optimal operational performance is ensuring that the right individuals are in the right roles, and that the responsibilities and expectations of these roles fit the strengths of those fulfilling them.

With every engagement, Phoenix evaluates the management team at play—whether formally or informally. We gauge the talent and controls of all business sectors, assessing how each entity melds together and whether or not roles and responsibilities are aligned appropriately.

We understand the importance of a strong organizational structure that properly embodies each company, and we help organizations recognize key pieces to the puzzle, putting responsibility and skills sets where they best fit in the equation. Working in a mentorship capacity, we support team members in their evolved roles, organizing duties and workflows so businesses can focus their attention on greater feats ahead.

Our strategy is to leverage the unique chemistry and culture of each company, taking an unbiased approached to structuring leadership, departments, and teams in order to maximize operational efficiency and profitability in the long run.

For transactions, our services are tailored to perform the following actions:

  • Understand mission-critical roles when integrating two organizational structures
  • Blend what is the best in breed and what is best for the overall organization
  • Define the culture of each company in the newly merged organization
  • Decide where roles and responsibilities remain the same or evolve

For turnarounds, our services are tailored to perform the following actions:

  • Define who the key players are in the organization
  • Observe company culture and see how leaders and performers contribute to it
  • Determine if any changes to the structure must take place, and what form they should take
  • If assuming the role of Interim CRO, develop a clear organizational structure

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