Interim Management

Filling critical vacancies or skill gaps with expert interim managers.

Companies face critical vacancies and skill gaps for a number of reasons, ranging from a recent officer resignation, to the need for additional hands on deck during a busy period, to an extended job search for the right individual.

To serve all of these vacancies and more, Phoenix professionals are frequently called upon to serve in full-time, interim management roles. Phoenix professionals have extensive, hands-on operating expertise and provide both strategic and tactical support to our clients’ management needs.

Phoenix professionals have served as on-site Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Financial Officers, and Chief Restructuring Officers, as well as a variety of other staff and line positions in a broad array of situations and industries. Our professionals often serve as liaisons with our clients’ lenders, creditors, customers, suppliers, unions, employees, board members, and other constituents.

Introducing stability and decisiveness into complex situations, we shoulder the responsibility of making difficult decisions unburdened by historical and emotional issues that often cloud decision-making. We bring credibility to every situation and serve as a stabilizing force for all constituents as we build consensus, direct or support the business needs of our clients, instill stability, and enhance enterprise value.

Recognizing that each turnaround situation is unique, we offer expert-driven solutions focused on the following areas:

  • Filling an unexpected vacancy due to illness, death, or departure of a key executive
  • Replacing an employee who must be terminated immediately, with little time to plan
  • Serving as an interim manager while the company embarks on a formalized search to find an ideal permanent replacement
  • Providing additional skills to assist a company while it is marketed for sale

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