Board Advisory

Enhancing board oversight with an informed, third-party perspective.

In many cases, the Board’s role as a constructive resource for management teams—a fiduciary with regard to financial oversight, and a body that represents all stakeholders—is enhanced by the addition of a third-party perspective.

For a company in transition, it is especially imperative that the Board receives an unbiased, detailed view of current circumstances that accounts for all of the operational, financial, and strategic alternatives that may be available. Given the increasingly litigious business environment, the added resource of a third-party advisor may prove invaluable to the Board when decisions are made and challenged by outside constituencies during difficult transitional periods or when potential sale transactions are being considered.

Phoenix provides board advisory services and its experts serve as board members for clients across all sizes, ownership structures, and industry sectors. Our unique blend of operational, financial, and transactional expertise allows a Board of Directors to understand the totality of its situation and potential ramifications of the various courses of action.

Our board participation and advisory services are valuable in diverse situations, including:

  • In transition, after an interim management assignment has been completed
  • After a complex period of financial or operational restructuring, as an independent director or advisor
  • While examining the possible sale of a company or operating division, and/or evaluating offers to purchase the company
  • While determining potential insolvency action strategies including bankruptcy, receivership, or other out-of-court resolutions
  • When establishing board representation for a specific investor constituent
  • When intra-board disputes exist and need resolution
  • When an independent director is needed

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