Financial Modeling

Plotting a course to the financial future.

Developing a financial forecast requires a comprehensive understanding of a company’s business drivers and its current operating environment.  Quantifying these metrics, particularly for organizations in transition, can be challenging.

Financial modeling combines historical data, the impact of operational and financial initiatives, and an estimate of future performance.  Phoenix is expert at building predictive tools, such as a 13-week cash flow forecast and a monthly financial (GAAP) budget.  These models often serve as a platform for decision-making amongst various constituents.

Our financial models are critical planning tools for management teams to understand and navigate upcoming challenges. As such, we continually refine and update models in line with an organization’s evolving situation to ensure that it best reflects the projected outlook for the future and remains an effective tool to drive activity. This enables organizations to make business-critical decisions with confidence as they work toward clear objectives.

Our financial modeling services include:

  • Building a custom-made forecast based on our client’s business and general ledger structure
  • Using the forecast to guide behavior and make critical decisions
  • Monitor our forecast on a weekly/monthly and cumulative basis
  • Refining our forecast on an ongoing basis

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