Litigation Support

Supporting client positions with skilled litigation and expert witness services.

Effective litigation support requires experience, analytical aptitude, research capabilities, and the ability to clearly communicate any client’s position in expert reports, testimony on the stand, and depositions.

Our team of experts has extensive operating and financial experience in a wide array of industries and situations, and these experiences have proven effective in delivering our litigation support and expert witness services in Bankruptcy, Federal, and Common Pleas Courts.

Whether working for the plaintiff or defendant, debtor or creditor, the key to achieving a successful outcome is combining our capabilities and skills with those of our client’s counsel to construct sound, credible positions, arguments, and analyses that establish our clients’ positions, countering those of our clients’ adversary.

We provide skilled litigation support services that focus on the following areas:

  • Clearly communicating our clients’ positions in reports, testimony, and depositions
  • Working collaboratively with client counsels to support client positions
  • Drawing upon years of enterprise expertise to support the delivery of sound, credible arguments

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