Integration Services

Achieving synergy with a proven integration methodology.

Integrating an acquisition is a complex task that often requires active participation from numerous cross-function teams. Advance planning and vigilant monitoring are key to successful integrations and require a methodical and proven approach that begins earlier rather than later.

Whether we are engaged proactively as part of an integration planning effort, or to address an integration effort that is behind schedule or worse, our proven integration methodology begins with the fundamental elements of communication and culture and addresses each of the primary pillars of success—from the company’s driving purpose, to its people, operational processes, platform, product, and presence in the market.

We begin with an assessment of the feasibility of the investment thesis and its underlying assumptions to ensure that the projections are achievable, with regard to time and magnitude. Next, we work to develop a plan to achieve the targeted synergy, addressing the practical realities of the business. In cases where integration has already failed to meet expectations, we focus on addressing underlying causes of the disconnect in order to get the integration effort back on the path to success.

Depending on a clients’ needs, Phoenix can either serve as the overall project manager, lead individual initiatives, or serve in an implementation role. Collectively, our objectivity, experience, and decisiveness work to bring clarity to chaotic integration scenarios and enable business leaders to get back to managing the core competencies of the business.

Our integration services include addressing the following areas:

  • Identifying integration needs
  • Structuring a transitional services agreement if necessary
  • Developing a game plan and timeline, and identifying responsible parties for each integration initiative
  • Addressing practices or problems that are contributing to a failing integration
  • Monitoring integration activities
  • Executing the integration plan efficiently and effectively

Planned Integration Services

Phoenix can assist clients in developing their integration plan during diligence—before consummating an acquisition. Following the transaction, depending on our clients’ needs, Phoenix can serve as the overall project manager, lead individual initiatives, and/or serve in an implementation role.

Rescue Integration Services

In scenarios where a company is resource constrained, pre-acquisition planning was sub-par, and/or a company is experiencing integration challenges, Phoenix serves as a rescue integration manager to re-establish the integration priorities and manage the integration process to conclusion.

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