Business/Operational Assessment

Understanding unique business challenges to ensure a smooth path to value.

In order to successfully overcome all obstacles, you need an experienced professional who understands critical business operations from an unbiased, 360° position, and can thoroughly address issues across numerous functional areas, including liquidity management, manufacturing, and inventory control, to name a few.

Our comprehensive Business/Operational Assessment identifies all of the various challenges that clients encounter throughout their operations, allowing Phoenix and the client to collaborate and develop new strategies that ensure success. We assess all aspects of business operations from procurement to distribution, cash management, and sales, identifying tangible opportunities for improvement.

The assessment often includes the review—and development, if necessary—of a weekly cash flow forecast, a critical tool that enables management teams to better understand near-term challenges, enabling better decision making. In addition, Phoenix will perform analyses of the client’s profit and loss, working capital needs, and operating metrics, as well.

Phoenix’s assessment culminates with a detailed presentation of the business’ existing landscape and its operational, financial, and managerial challenges, highlighting opportunities for growth and the economic benefits derived by implementing our recommendations. We effectuate strategies and courses of action to help our clients improve liquidity, operations, and profitability.

Our business/operational assessments provide an unbiased, 360° review of our clients’ critical operational functions, such as:

  • Liquidity management
  • Finance
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Revenue channel analysis and development
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Production and inventory control
  • Purchasing/procurement and vendor/sourcing relationships
  • Distribution and logistics

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