Quality of Enterprise®

Providing deep insight into the value of a company.

The Quality of Enterprise® 360° perspective—a combination of our Quality of Earnings and Quality of Operations reviews—is a critical component in the evaluation and subsequent crafting of integration and implementation plans for future investments.

The Phoenix Transaction Advisory Services team provides transaction services, including rapid initial reviews (Quick View), traditional Quality of Earnings analyses, insightful Quality of Operations reviews, and comprehensive Quality of Enterprise® assessments. Due to our expert knowledge in guiding companies through transitional phases, Phoenix has a truly unique vantage point into the pipeline of middle market deal flow.

The Quality of Enterprise® assessment combines Quality of Earnings and Quality of Operations reviews for a comprehensive evaluation of potential investment opportunities and their core issues. Plus, with over 35 years of experience, we have proven our expertise in validating the viability of and threats associated with a variety of potential investment opportunities.

At Phoenix, we partner with you as a trusted advisor in a way that recognizes the challenging deal markets you face. Our operational expertise is blended with an array of industry experiences and financial acumen, allowing us to deliver unparalleled enterprise insight to our clients.

We are often requested to provide customized work plans and timelines to meet varying transaction timelines, which are typically fluid in nature. It is not uncommon for a Quality of Operations review to be requested after a traditional Quality of Earnings has been completed; however, we suggest, in the interest of our clients, to begin a Quality of Enterprise® at the onset of the process to improve speed, overall understanding for cost, and insight into the immediate time frame after the transaction closes.

Quality of Enterprise® is a proprietary service of our firm that is unique in the transaction services marketplace. We have provided a secured, blinded, read-only sample for review in our Resource Center. To access this sample, please contact your Phoenix Professional for a temporary password.

Our Quality of Enterprise® review includes the following service offerings:

  • Comprehensive Quality of Earnings & Quality of Operations Assessment
  • Enterprise Evaluation
  • Detailed Information Systems Overview
  • Integration / Synergies Evaluation to identify potential risks and evaluate increased opportunities

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