Managing through a Crisis, Remotely: Phoenix Professionals Optimizing the New Work-from-Home Normal

May 11, 2020  |  By Joseph Nappi  |  2 Minute Read

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked unprecedented crises for companies worldwide. Not only are management teams facing challenges that stress capabilities and decision-making processes, they are also tasked with the added complexity of an unexpected transition to work-from-home (WFH) orders. Now is not the time to be timid. A volatile business environment requires experience, strong leadership, and decisive decision making.

In particular, time management can be challenging under the most perfect of circumstances. When coupled with managers facing the distractions of home and family competing for attention, WFH can have a substantial impact on productivity. If an organization lacks modern technologies and contingencies for remote operation, there is likely to be major implications for the organization’s ability to effectively manage through the crisis.

At Phoenix, our professionals have the vision needed to identify creative solutions and the expertise required to guide our clients to success by providing hands-on attention even when a WFH order is in place. We can do this through:

1. Proven Crisis Management Skills

While different challenges require different responses, for 35+ years and across 1,500+ clients, Phoenix has been providing turnaround management assistance, complex restructurings, crisis and interim management, liquidity management and forecasting, and operational solutions to companies across industries. The current climate is new for all of us; however, Phoenix’s professionals are well-seasoned in the art of achieving success with robust experience gathered from years in senior positions and roles in a wide variety of client environments. Phoenix can draw on that experience to help guide companies through rapidly evolving situations like the COVID-19 pandemic by addressing issues with a practical set of goals. Our ability to enter a company with a fresh pair of eyes and independent objectivity allows us to take the necessary steps for a company’s survival.

2. Transferable Skillset

Businesses cannot run out of cash. Each company should have developed, and stress tested, its plans to determine how much capacity for error it has. As part of this effort, a communication plan must be established with suppliers and lenders to determine what, if any, additional triggers they can pull. While many service-based professions require employees to be on-site operating equipment or interfacing directly with a customer, one of Phoenix professional’s core wheelhouses is in strategic advice and financial services—including building financial plans, liquidity planning through cash flow models, managing cash, creating and monitoring financial dashboards, and communicating with constituents—which they can deliver from anywhere. Destressed organizations can tap into Phoenix professional’s history operating in complex and financially constrained situations remotely to devise a strategy to restore value.

3. Experience in Remote Operation

As an inherent aspect of our business, Phoenix professionals routinely work both in-person and remote. Our team has extensive experience establishing a system that fosters collaboration in the best of times and can seamlessly transfer these tools and knowledge to set up workflows that optimize a company’s WFH operation. Utilizing technology, we can build a network of teams within an organization to effectively communicate and set priorities. Phoenix can then establish a clear set of metrics to help communicate progress toward the cohesive strategy that was put in place. Drawing on previous experiences working remote, our professionals have the skillset required to help motivate individuals new to working from home and modifying workflows to utilize alternate resources to achieve desired outcomes—ultimately ensuring employees remain engaged, focused, and productive through an unsettled time.

Optimizing Your Work-from-Home Workflows with Phoenix

Phoenix is first and foremost experts in crisis management. While we do not have a crystal ball of how long social distancing restrictions will last and when stay-at-home orders will be lifted, our professionals provide the invaluable experience and insight organizations require during crisis situations. Whether working on-site or remote, Phoenix offers a range of turnaround services that can help businesses carve a strategic path to value and ensure employees remain productive while at home. Meet our team to learn more about how our professional’s extensive experience can make a difference in your organization today.

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