Vending Machine Manufacturer

Phoenix serves as Chief Executive Officer to a vending machine manufacturer and restores the Company’s performance and customer confidence.

The Client

The Company was a $10 million manufacturer of automated parking systems and automated ticket vending machines based in California.

The Challenge

The Company had experienced substantial manufacturing, delivery, and quality difficulties, and was on the verge of having nearly $32 million in performance bonds executed against by two large public sector transit systems.

The Solution

At the request of the Company’s public parent, Phoenix Management Services assumed the CEO’s role. Phoenix developed a manufacturing and quality plan and presented these plans to the Company’s transit system customers. Phoenix was given sufficient time to properly execute these plans, and ultimately completed the delivery of all of the automated ticket vending machines that had been ordered. In fact, each of the public transit systems subsequently placed orders with the Company for additional ticket vending machines. As a result of restoring both the Company’s performance and customer confidence, the performance bonds were never executed against.

Phoenix Turnaround

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  • Manufacturing

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  • Machinery

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