Kuehne Chemical

Division: Phoenix Capital Resources, Phoenix Management Services


Kuehne Chemical was a privately held $45 million chlorine bleach manufacturer in Kearney, New Jersey.


Within a short period of time, the founder and his partner both passed away. The Company did not have a strong management team to weather this transition and had sought outside help. Kuehne’s lending institution became concerned that a default on the loan would be imminent. Monthly reports were not submitted and it was clear that the leadership problems were manifesting themselves in the financial performance of the Company.


Phoenix Management Services was engaged to evaluate the Company’s operations and to assist with the reorganization of its management team. During the evaluation, the Board of Directors appointed one of the Phoenix associates as interim Chief Financial Officer. Phoenix introduced discipline to the Company’s processes and pricing and provided time for a new CEO to bring stability to the Company’s performance. Phoenix led the refinancing of the Company’s $15 million credit facility. The Company is in a growth mode and has returned to profitability.