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March 25, 2014

Tony Howard on the Floor of Georgia House of Representatives

 Representative Kirby with Tony HowardRepresentative Kirby with Tony Howard

Tony Howard Talks Business Trends

Tony Howard, Managing Director of Phoenix Management Services, was recognized on the floor of the Georgia House of Representatives on March 12, 2014 during open session as a prominent and respected business leader in the State of Georgia. He was a guest of Representative Tom Kirby. During the session, Tony was asked to remain on the floor during session where he interacted with Georgia lawmakers during debate and passage of several bills designed to improve and promote commerce in the State. Coincidentally, the House denoted March 12 as Georgia Agribusiness Day which coincides with Tony’s active involvement in Alpha Gamma Rho, an agriculture industry focused fraternity, where both Mr. Howard and Representative Kirby are active members.

After the floor debate, Tony addressed a group of Georgia business leaders and lawmakers on Top Business Trends in Georgia in a closed session. He spoke about general business trends he is currently seeing in the current client base and ended the speech with modest optimism that the economy would continue to improve over the next couple years. With Georgia’s focus on improving the flow of international commerce through the State’s ports, he cautioned negative international events, new trade restrictions, unforeseen weather events and potential new global conflicts could easily and quickly upset equilibrium in the State’s economy.

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