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March 18, 2019

Nappi Quoted in Commercial Finance Association Blog

Joseph Nappi Quoted in CFA’s Blog

Joseph Nappi, Senior Managing Director and Shareholder at Phoenix recently served as a panelist at the CFA’s National YoPro Summit at The Winston & Strawn Building in Chicago. The 40 Under 40 Committee Panel tackled several topics at the event – How do you strategically leverage mentoring relationships and sponsorships? How do you make the most out of networking? How do you prepare for a performance review? The blog post recaps responses to these topics.

Nappi on Networking – “A lot of times you’ll hear the word networking and you’ll think of it as advancement opportunity,” said Joe Nappi of Phoenix Management Services. “My advice is to not be the card taker. Don’t work the room just to get the card to then stick it in your bag and never follow up.”

Nappi on Performance Reviews – “It’s important to get in front of your manager on an as-needed basis,” Nappi said. “Do a de-brief right after a project, don’t wait for feedback. Ask what you’re doing right and what you can be doing more of. That relationship can also help develop into a mentor later down the road. Not everyone in that seat will be the best person to give you a review. At least if you’re making the effort of checking in, you can bring that habit to the next place you go.”

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