Worldwide Solar Equipment Distributor

Phoenix implements an operational plan improving profitability and successfully refinances a worldwide solar equipment distributor.

The Client

The Company was a $20 million privately held manufacturer and worldwide distributor of Solar and Semiconductor industry equipment and technology that was based in New Hampshire.

The Challenge

Due to the company’s growth, liquidity pressures, and the transition from an entrepreneurial operation to a more corporate structure, the Company faced mounting losses and a default with its lead lender, which was supported by the EXIM bank due to the Company’s substantial international sales.

The Solution

Phoenix was engaged and immediately stabilized the Company’s business by first repairing the lines of communication with the bank, and implementing an operational plan that incorporated manufacturing, sales, cash management, and finance. As a result, the Company’s profit margins increased, productivity throughput was enhanced and the annual revenue increased to $40 million. This improved profitability and growth allowed Phoenix to execute a $12 million refinancing which provided the necessary liquidity for the Company to continue its aggressive growth pace under a stable operational and financial environment.

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