Software Company

Phoenix IBĀ® serves as financial advisor and successfully sells a software company to a strategic buyer which results in the preservation of jobs.

The Client

A Software Company created to help companies use their incentive compensation more effectively to achieve company objectives and to enable them to simply, cost-effectively, and efficiently reward the individuals and teams who help companies succeed.

The Challenge

After many successful years spent developing a leading edge product, the Company found itself facing a liquidity crisis driven by the significant contraction in the venture capital markets and reduced revenue growth due to macro-economic pressures and the Company’s strained liquidity which prevented it from properly marketing its product(s).

The Solution

Phoenix was retained to identify and evaluate possible strategic buyers and to negotiate a rapid transaction that would provide the greatest value for all Stakeholders. Phoenix was able to rapidly negotiate a transaction to sell the assets of the Company to a strategic buyer thus preserving the continuation of the enterprise value and preserving several key jobs at the Company.

Phoenix Investment Banking

Primary Industry

  • Technology

Secondary Industry

  • Software Technology/Hardware Technology

    Primary Services

  • Strategic Advisory