Precious Metals Manufacturer

Phoenix completes a successful refinancing for a fourth generation precious metals manufacturer.

The Client

The Company was a $22 million fourth-generation Precious Metals Manufacturer of sterling flatware and hollow-ware. The Company also provides luxury consumer products to both the niche and big box luxury retailers that are primarily designed by the Company and/or sourced by other luxury branded manufacturers.

The Challenge

The Company experienced a market shrinkage, due primarily to macro-economic pressures of offshore manufacturing. The Company’s senior lender became concerned with the Company’s losses and the period of time required to return to profitability.

The Solution

Phoenix Management and Phoenix IB® worked concurrently to build a quantifiable turnaround plan that identified the actions required to return the Company to profitability and the capital requirements to do so. Phoenix IB® prepared a Financing Memorandum and identified the appropriate lenders for the situation, then led the interview and lender selection process, subsequent due diligence process, and ultimately the closing of a $6.5 million refinancing transaction.

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