Petroleum Distributor

Phoenix assumes the roles of COO and Manager of Purchasing for a petroleum distributor and maintains operations while the Company is marketed for sale.

The Client

Phoenix’s client was a $500 million privately held Petroleum Distributor, Convenience Store Owner, and Trucking Company based in Pennsylvania.

The Challenge

The Company was underperforming, facing a leadership crisis, and was wracked by infighting among the heirs of the founder. Sensing a larger crisis, the Company’s board realized outside help was needed.

The Solution

Phoenix conducted an operational assessment of the Company and eventually assumed the roles of COO and Manager of Purchasing. Phoenix identified $2 million in annual expense savings, reorganized an unwieldy management structure, initiated a capital planning process, and put in place financial and inventory controls. Phoenix maintained the Company’s operations while the Company was marketed for sale, and was ultimately sold for values that exceeded original expectations.

Phoenix Turnaround

Primary Industry

  • Distribution

Secondary Industry

  • Oil, Petroleum and C-Stores

    Primary Services

  • Turnaround ManagementInterim ManagementBusiness / Operational AssessmentsFinancial ForecastingStrategic Advisory