Non-Profit Church

Phoenix provides financial and operational improvement to a non-profit church allowing it to focus on its critical missions and return to long-term viability.

The Client

A Non-Profit Church located in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Challenge

The non-profit church had purchased land adjacent to it to develop a community center on the eve of the Great Recession. As the economy worsened, weekly donations began to drop and eventually weekly donations reached a level that could not support both the Church’s ministry and its fixed mortgage payments on a consistent basis. In December 2013 the church filed Chapter 11.

The Solution

Phoenix was engaged to provide oversight and advice in establishing credible monthly budgets and to improve the accounting and internal controls for the Church. Phoenix’s work provided the Church leadership the ability to run its operations at a cash flow break even and provided the runway to improve fund raising and reduce operating costs. The financial and operational improvement implemented allowed the Church to return to long-term viability and focus on its critical mission.

Phoenix Turnaround

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  • Mission Based

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  • Non-Profit

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