Major County in Delaware

Phoenix serves as financial advisor to a major County in Delaware and conducts a thorough business and operational assessment.

The Client

A major County in Northern Delaware that had a population of 515,074.

The Challenge

A newly appointed (elected) executive wanted a baseline assessment of the County’s financial situation. The executive felt that an unbiased, objective assessment would be the best course of action.

The Solution

Phoenix Management Services conducted a thorough assessment of the County’s operations and financial health. The assessment concluded that that if historical expenditure trends continued and taxes were not raised, the County would face a shortfall over a four-year period of approximately $100 million. This project led to the development of a roadmap for fiscal responsibility that allowed the County to improve service levels while honoring a commitment to hold the line on tax increases for a period of four years. Phoenix was named Financial Advisor to the County and assisted in developing and implementing action plans for the Sheriff’s Department, the County Assessment Division, and the Community Development and Housing Division.

Phoenix Turnaround

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