Automotive Tool & Die Manufacturer

Phoenix serves as Chief Restructuring Officer to a tier 1 automotive tool & die manufacturer and assists with the restructure of the management team and marketing efforts resulting in the achievement of positive cash flow.

The Client

The Company was a Tier 1 Automotive Tool and Die Manufacturer located in Michigan.

The Challenge

The Company had been recently purchased out of bankruptcy. The previous management team had been terminated, the Company had no backlog of projects, and it was completing work on its one remaining large project. The plant was operating at less the 15% of capacity and revenue was expected to completely evaporate within 2 months.

The Solution

Phoenix was engaged to serve as the Chief Restructuring Officer to assist the Company with a restructure of its management team and marketing efforts. Phoenix worked with the Company to completely overhaul its accounting and finance functions as well as design a marketing strategy and pricing system that improved the competitive position of the Company with the major automotive companies. Within three months, the Company was able to win business that allowed it to operate at above 80% capacity and the Company achieved cash flow positive position for the first time in 3 years.

Phoenix Turnaround

Primary Industry

  • Manufacturing

Secondary Industry

  • Automotive

    Primary Services

  • Interim ManagementStrategic AdvisoryProfit / Operational Improvement