Capital Raise

Infusing additional liquidity to support growth.

Whether in the midst of a corporate turnaround, or a start-up in an early-stage with exciting growth potential, a company often cannot access the capital needed to support its operational requirements. In cases like these, it is critical to raise adequate funds that allow clients to execute plans, expand their businesses, and maximize enterprise value.

Informed by more than 35 years of experience servicing the unique requirements of special-situation businesses, we maintain strong relationships with hundreds of lending sources spanning the entire capital structure spectrum. As a result, Phoenix is uniquely qualified to support transitioning, rebounding, or early-stage companies with access to non-traditional sources to raise the capital needed to support their goals for recovery or growth.

Taking on the role of broker dealer, we work with our vast network of partners to obtain additional capital to support our clients’ goals and help them achieve certain milestones. Unlike other investment bankers, we have the unique ability to prepare and validate financial forecasts, providing comfort and confidence to prospective capital providers, which forms the basis for a positive relationship between capital providers and clients. 

Our capital raise services focus on the following areas:

  • Improving facets of the business to better leverage capital management strategies
  • Preparing and validating financial forecasts to provide comfort to prospective capital providers
  • Determining capital requirements to support turnaround or growth goals
  • Utilizing Phoenix’s vast network to raise capital from non-traditional capital sources

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