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January 24, 2020

Brian Gleason Authors Article for JCR on Speed Mentoring

Brian Gleason Authors Article for JCR

Brian Gleason, Senior Managing Director and Shareholder of Phoenix Management Services authored an article for JCR (Journal of Corporate Renewal) on ‘Speed Mentoring’. The article titled “Chapter Spotlight: Giving Back by ‘Speed Mentoring’ Budding Entrepreneurs” highlights the unique Pro Bono event. For those unfamiliar, Speed Mentoring is an event organized as a joint venture between the NYC TMA and the Empire State Development Corporation’s New York Business Mentor program. The event hosts over 100 aspiring small business owners as well as certified minority-owned and women-owned businesses who are seeking guidance from more established business people. The events entails 3 hours for networking, speed mentoring meetings, and a panel discussion. Click here to read the full article.

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