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The following represents a selection of Phoenix Transaction Advisory Projects:

  • Phoenix Transaction Advisory Services was engaged by a Private Equity Firm (the “Buyer”) to conduct due diligence and provide a Quality of Earnings assessment for a 44 year old family-owned specialty cable and cable assembly manufacturer (the “Company”). Phoenix provided to the Buyer an extensive financial and operational due diligence of the Company that was relied upon by not only the Buyer, but the senior lender and additional equity investors to finalize the acquisition of the Company. Due to Phoenix’s due diligence, the Buyer and Buyer’s capital partners were able to make an informed decision about their potential investment and gain a greater understanding of the Company’s financial and operational operating performance, management team insight and the likelihood of the forecasted earnings to reach the proper valuation and transaction structure(s) to be considered.
  • Phoenix was initially engaged by a Senior Lending Institution to assess its collateral position of a manufacturer of kitchen cabinets ("the Company"). In a matter of days, it was apparent the collateral consisted of inventory that was unusable and had been grossly overstated on the books and records of the Company. Phoenix’s engagement was immediately revised to conduct a forensic examination of the Company and document the events causing the overstatement of inventory and reasons the overstatement went undetected for over two years. During the engagement, Phoenix uncovered and documented significant evidence showing a steady and growing pattern of intentional overstatement of inventory by members of Senior Management and Board of Directors as the Company's profitability continued to decline. The report was presented to the Lender's lawyers for final action.
  • Engaged by a Private Equity Firm (the “Buyer”) to perform a Quality of Earnings review of a $350 million manufacturer and distributor of high-performance steels for aerospace and other structural applications (the “Company”). Phoenix worked hands-on with the Company’s senior management as well as the principals from the Buyer to better understand and analyze the Company’s performance and the impact that the global steel markets might ultimately have on the historical and forecasted operating performance of the business. Phoenix provided an in-depth review that examined the historical earnings, anticipated future earnings, management and organizational review. The review was ultimately utilized by the Buyer, its various equity sponsors and secured debt participants in completing the acquisition.
  • Phoenix was engaged by a Hedge Fund that was the senior lender of a direct mail provider to perform due diligence in its efforts to determine the best possible strategies for its investment in the Company. Phoenix worked with the lender to develop a plan to fund a new equity group that had expertise in direct response. Phoenix assisted with the evaluation of the Company’s management team, product line-up and prospects with new ownership. The work performed by Phoenix Transaction Advisory Services assisted with a successful continuation of the Company and its brand.
  • Phoenix was engaged by a Private Equity Fund (the “Buyer”) with a focus on distressed situations to assist with the business due diligence on the acquisition of an $800 million privately held paper distributor (the “Company”). Phoenix provided a high level of insight into the Company’s business activities, cash flow performance and acquisition capital requirements. Phoenix Transaction Advisory Services report was utilized by the Buyer in its decision to acquire the Company.
  • Engaged by a Private Equity Fund (the "Buyer") and its senior lender to provide a quality of earnings assessment as part of the fund’s diligence in acquiring two “sister” steel tubing manufacturing companies based in the United States and United Kingdom. The Companies shared common ownership, but operated in a completely isolated manner with no synergies or sharing of “best practices”, thus providing a level of hidden value to the Buyer. In addition to providing confidence in the quality of earnings and stability of earnings in the forecasted period, Phoenix’s report also identified several transitional issues that the Buyer would need to be sensitive to as it continued to mature the transaction and fully integrating the companies. Phoenix provided detailed insight to the Buyer in understanding and quantifying each Company’s production process and improvements in utilization. Phoenix opined on the management styles and overall organizational structure of each company and recommended areas of synergies. Phoenix presented for the senior lenders benefit, the estimated liquidation costs of each Company’s WIP in defense of the proposed advance rates surrounding the senior lender’s credit facility. Phoenix's report provided the Buyer sufficient detail to lend the support needed to secure senior debt financing for the transaction in support of completing the contemplated acquisition of both companies.