Phoenix Transaction Advisory Services Executive Coaching
Phoenix Transaction Advisory Services

Executive Coaching

We often encounter senior managers with the raw talent to be exceptional performers, but the lack of experience in dealing with challenging or crisis situations inhibits their ability to be as effective as the situation requires.

That is where Phoenix's experience can offer valuable coaching and counsel – counsel that will guide the company through its current challenges and leadership lessons that will permanently enhance management’s ability to deal with future challenges and crises.

The Phoenix team has provided top level management leadership in numerous businesses at the CEO, COO, CFO and CRO levels. We unsterstand the key elements necessary to successful performance.

Our coaching practice includes the following activities:

  • Establishing management priorities
  • Providing organizational leadership
  • Developing business strategies
  • Enhancing constituency/stakeholders relationships and communication

Phoenix will work with senior management to demonstrate how to make decisions in the face of imperfect information, limited data, tight timelines and conflicting facts. In most challenging situations, there are voids in available information. Often, waiting until all the information can be collected presents a greater risk to the business than making a judgment call based on what is known. Phoenix can provide a senior leadership perspective, guide the decision making process and impart these important skills to the management team of our clients.