Phoenix Management Services Winddown and Recovery Services
Phoenix Management Services

Winddown and Recovery Services

There are times when a business cannot successfully overcome market, competitive and financial challenges. When this occurs, it is important to pursue a course of action that protects our clients’ interests, honors the fiduciary duties to all creditors and maximizes recoveries for all parties.

Phoenix has managed numerous wind downs and liquidations – both inside bankruptcy protection as well as outside of a Court oversight process. Our goal is to maximize the net value (after costs) from the business assets and to resolve outstanding financial obligations and litigation exposure.

Phoenix will determine the best course of liquidation and, if appropriate, will implement a rational process to build-out (convert) existing inventories, while aggressively collecting receivables. Throughout the liquidation process, we will effectively communicate with all parties so the direction and likely outcomes are known to all constituents.

Phoenix provides its liquidation and business wind down services on-site at our client’s location. Our professionals offer stability and objectivity during the process, and are accessible at all times to provide guidance and direction and to maintain communication with all necessary parties.

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