Phoenix Management Services Strategic/Board Advisory
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Strategic/Board Advisory

The success of any organization is dependent upon the development of a strategic vision and implementing these strategies into meaningful, measurable and successful results.

Phoenix provides strategic advice to help shape and effectively execute key initiatives.

Third party perspectives often serve as a catalyst in setting strategic vision and prioritizing the execution of strategic plans. Phoenix professionals have served on Boards of Directors and have provided expert, third party counsel to clients in a wide variety circumstances – from transitional situations to the high paced growth that many young companies encounter. 

Below are a few examples where Phoenix has served as a partner in evaluating complex and critical initiatives:

  • Potential acquisitions and integrations
  • Consolidation of operating facilities
  • Product launches
  • Contraction or consolidation initiatives
  • Systems initiatives and integration
  • Geographic expansion
  • Vertical or horizontal market expansion strategies

In evaluating the many strategic directions and hurdles companies often face, Phoenix provides seasoned professionals who bring immediate value and expertise in the three fundamental core functions of any business: Strategic Marketing & Sales, Business Operations and Finance/Capital Structure.

Understanding the corporate and cultural environment of our client is a significant part of the Strategic Advisory process. Regardless of the size or ownership structure of our client, Phoenix brings practical, hands-on experience to ensure it understands the unique cultural nuances and ownership goals at each client – a critical factor in developing any strategic vision.

A Phoenix Strategic Advisory assignment will begin with an in-depth study of the core functions of the business. This study allows the Phoenix team to complete analytical, functional and market analysis in a way that incorporates the input of the management team with Phoenix providing an objective third party perspective that recognizes the unique capital structure, cultural, market and operational dynamics of the company. 

Board Advisory Services

There are many circumstances where Phoenix is asked to provide Board Advisory Services, or at times take a Board seat, for our client companies. Regardless of the client company’s ownership structure - public or private, the role of the Board is to provide a constructive resource for our client’s management team and to serve as a fiduciary in the oversight of the financial affairs of the company.

The following are selected situations where Phoenix has provided Board Advisory Services:

  • On a transitional basis after an interim management assignment has been completed
  • Serving as an independent Director or Advisor during a complex period of financial or operational restructuring
  • Serving as a Financial Advisor as the Board examines a possible sale of the company or one of its operating divisions and/or evaluates offers to purchase the company
  • Serving as a Financial Advisor as the Board examines potential insolvency action strategies including bankruptcy, Receivership or other out of court resolutions
  • Serving as a Board Advisor on behalf of a specific investor constituent
  • Serving as a Board Advisor to resolve disputes between Board members

Board Risk and M&A Transaction Analysis

In all of the above situations, it is imperative that the Board receive an unbiased, detailed view of the circumstances that incorporates the operational, financial and strategic alternatives that may be available to the Board. Given the increasingly litigious environment, the added resource of utilizing the services of a third party advisor may prove invaluable to the Board when decisions are made and challenged by outside constituencies during difficult transitional periods or as potential sale transactions are being considered. Phoenix provides the unique blend of operational, financial and transactional expertise that allows a Board of Directors to completely understand the totality of their situation and the potential ramifications of the various actions they may be contemplating.

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