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Liquidity Management

The difficulties associated with managing daily cash requirements for underperforming businesses can be daunting.

Rarely is there sufficient operating cash flow available to support the demands of all parties, and our clients’ management teams typically do not have the resources or time to identify additional sources of cash while also managing day-to-day business operations. Working hand-in-hand with our clients' leadership, Phoenix quickly assumes a leadership role in prioritizing payments to ensure the continued flow of operations.

We not only assist our clients with developing and presenting realistic cash forecasts, we are also frequently engaged to assist with day-to-day cash management challenges as well. Phoenix has extensive experience managing cash, forecasting short and intermediate term cash availability, negotiating with suppliers, customers and creditors, generating critical availability from secured lenders, and maintaining communication with all of our clients’ constituents.

Our cash management efforts typically include:

  • Prioritizing vendor payments and negotiating payment plans
  • Managing communication with vendors, attorneys, collection agencies, and other unsecured constituents
  • Structuring extended terms and increased credit limits with vendors
  • Finding new sources of working capital, including restructuring secured financing if required
  • Negotiating with customers to accelerate and restructure payment terms

Our ability to assist an underperforming business, or an equally cash constrained growth-oriented company, allows our clients' management team to focus their efforts on what they know best – managing their business – while the Phoenix team continues to implement change and cement a stronger business foundation. Overall, our involvement helps maintain and enhance the value of our clients’ businesses.

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