Phoenix Management Services Business/Operational Assessment
Phoenix Management Services

Business/Operational Assessment

Phoenix’s comprehensive business/operational assessments enable us to fully understand the various challenges our clients are encountering and allows us to assist them in developing the appropriate strategies to ensure their success.

Our business/operational assessments provide an unbiased, 360° review of our clients’ critical operational functions, such as:

  • Finance and cash management
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Revenue channel analysis and development
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Production and inventory control
  • Purchasing/procurement and vendor/sourcing relationships
  • Distribution and logistics 

Phoenix’s assessments include the review (or development, if necessary) of a weekly cash flow forecast, a critical planning tool that will enable our clients' management team to better understand their near-term challenges and to position their decision making accordingly. Assessments also often include a detailed profit and loss forecast, as well as forecasts of working capital needs and operating metrics. Phoenix assessments typically culminate with a detailed presentation of the existing landscape of our clients' business and its operating, financial and cash flow challenges, along with opportunities for improvement, options for consideration, plus the associated timeframe and costs for the changes and economic benefits to be derived by implementing our recommendations. Phoenix’s recommended strategies and courses of action help our clients properly address the various forces that impact their businesses’ profitability.


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