Bahrain International Bank

Division: Phoenix Capital Resources, Phoenix Management Services


The Bahrain International Bank was a Middle East bank with a significant United States-based private equity exposure.


The Bahrain International Bank (BIB) had owned an investment portfolio in the United States. When BIB became insolvent and could no longer support new investments in the U.S., the bank’s captive investment management arm was disbanded and the bank was left with significant investments that required management and oversight without any staff with the appropriate experience. The bank was faced with a distressed liquidation.


Bahrain International Bank turned to Phoenix Management because of its wide depth of industry experience and knowledge of the financial markets. The bank and its creditor determined that it would not be in its best interest to liquidate the assets immediately, and decided that more time was required to maximize the value of four of its portfolio companies. Phoenix stepped into the portfolio management role, including board membership of each of these four portfolio companies. Phoenix continues to advise the bank on these companies and its exit strategy.