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About Phoenix


There are creative solutions to your business challenges. Phoenix, a trusted advocate and proven turnaround specialist, has the vision needed to identify those solutions and the expertise it takes to guide your transition to success.

Since our founding in 1985, the Phoenix team has been effectively assessing complex situations and executing operationally focused solutions for clients across the entire financial spectrum. Phoenix provides business owners and their stakeholders with complete solutions that address challenges that may be faced throughout the lifecycle of any enterprise. From the design and implementation of creative turnaround plans, to the execution of complex investment banking solutions, Phoenix leads our clients down a clear path towards stability and value maximization.

Our three service groups work together as stabilizing pillars for your organization.

  • Phoenix Management Services ® provides operationally oriented, hands-on turnaround management assistance, complex restructurings, crisis and interim management, liquidity management and forecasting and operational solutions to its clients.
  • Phoenix Transaction Advisory Services ® provides due diligence, quality of earning reviews, management/organizational review, business integration, sell-side business preparation and other transaction related support services to investors, business owners and lenders.
  • Phoenix Capital Resources ®  provides special investment banking solutions including M&A advisory, private placements of debt and equity and complex balance sheet restructurings.

Providing our clients with the right combination of services to fit their unique situations, Phoenix offers a complete solution for restoring stability and enhancing enterprise value.

Setting a Precedent for Success

As leaders in the industry, Phoenix has proven the power of our integrated approach through more than 1,400 assignments nationwide. We focus on business drivers to generate the best long-term solutions for your situation. Tackling operational, financial, management, and complex business issues, we provide a steadying force for your business and restore credibility with all of your constituents.

To resolve your business challenges, we generally begin by evaluating your entire company, focusing not just on your financial condition, but assessing all of the operational drivers of your business, such as sales, marketing, operations, service delivery, manufacturing, distribution, inventory supply and logistics, amongst others.

Communication is key as we work closely together to jointly address underlying business issues and set practical goals with a sense of urgency. Our objective is to foster collaborative relationships and work with your existing team to achieve results, quickly and efficiently. Your business is our priority. Our professionals take action from the front line, rolling up their sleeves and interacting with your managers and other constituents to serve as your objective third-party resource throughout the entire engagement.

Five partners lead the Phoenix team of more than 30 professionals, all offering distinct skills and business sense derived from decades of working in diverse industries. Well-seasoned in the art of achieving success, our team has the foresight and wisdom necessary to identify and implement solutions that build sustainable value for all parties – from investors to owners and their employees.

For thousands of years, The Legend of the Phoenix has struck a responsive chord in the human spirit.
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The Phoenix represents an essential truth:

“Within every ending, there
is a beginning!”