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Complex Business Challenges?
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For more than three decades, Phoenix has been our client’s first call for solving complex operational, financial and capital challenges, spanning nearly every sector of our economy. Since our founding, the economy and business complexity has evolved, but one thing hasn’t changed—Phoenix’s ability to identify, unlock and enhance our client’s enterprise value.

'First Call'
Case Studies

Explore our case studies and learn why clients have called Phoenix for their complex business challenges.

Loan Default

“After years of significant growth and profitability, our revenue began to decline. We engaged Phoenix as Financial Restructuring Advisor to assist with the negotiation of a longer term Forbearance Agreement and the overall refinancing and restructuring process.”

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Interim Management

“When we were acquired, Phoenix served as interim CFO, and within 10 weeks, our finance and accounting functions had been seamlessly integrated with those of our parent and a full time CFO had been hired.”

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Integrating a Complex Investment

“Phoenix accurately and efficiently calculated PNWC and FNWC which enabled our finance staff to concentrate efforts on strengthening our individual operations.”

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Missed Monthly Projections

“Phoenix’s work provided us the ability to run our operations at a cash flow break even and provided the runway to improve fund raising and reduce operating costs. The financial and operational improvement implemented allowed us to return to long-term viability and focus on its critical mission.”

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