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Do You Know the History of the Red Phone?

At Phoenix, we’ve solved three decades of diverse business challenges, spanning every sector of our economy. Our track record and expertise make us the businessperson’s first call—no matter how complex the situation they are facing. We use the red phone as a powerful symbol of this concept. Beyond its obvious use of the recognizable Phoenix red, the Red Phone carries significant history and meaning.

The Red Phone: Historical Significance & Meaning

The “Red Phone” holds a mythical place in our collective memory, with references ranging from pop culture to politics. Throughout the 50’s and 60’s its image was a metaphor for power, urgency, tough calls, and rising to the challenge under difficult circumstances. The symbol has been used in fictional plots of movies as a direct line between world leaders. During political campaigns of the 80’s, its image was again evoked—this time in political advertisements—to stress the power a commander in chief holds. In every circumstance, the Red Phone was used in moments of critical, urgent decisions to connect decision makers with one another.

The red phone’s historical meaning makes it the perfect metaphor for Phoenix and our promise to our clients—to provide them a direct line to the answers and results they seek. No matter the challenge, clients can rely on Phoenix to answer the call and deliver in the most challenging business circumstances. The history of the Red Phone and its pervasive metaphor in our culture, also speaks to Phoenix’s seasoned perspective and track record of success in more than 1,300 engagements over our 30 year history as a company.

For thousands of years, The Legend of the Phoenix has struck a responsive chord in the human spirit.
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The Phoenix represents an essential truth:

“Within every ending, there
is a beginning!”